Inosport 2018

The LUXOV® Touch Speed was just launched, but LUXOV® is definitely not done with innovating !


One more Inosport award for LUXOV®

Last 7th of June, LUXOV® took part in the 9th Edition of Inosport. The latter is known to gather during one day promising actors of technologic innovations. This regarding sectors as dynamic and promising as sport, leasure and health/well-being.

A full-scale test

It was our second participation at the annual exhibition. As usual, LUXOV® got a booth in the Showroom exposing the innovations of the 34 nominees. 2018 was the occasion to showcase our latest innovation : the LUXOV® Touch Speed which measures the time when you touch each hold.

All the exhibitors were able to present their novelties. But LUXOV® got the chance to capitalise on the event venue. Voiron isn’t solely the capital of the Canton, it’s first and foremost a well-known sport climbing place. The « Pôle France escalade » being based there, the best national climbers are training for the upcoming Olympic Games herein.

Hence, the numerous visitors were fortunate enough to assist the full-scale test of the LUXOV® Touch Speed. One of the speed route was settled with LUXOV® holds. And nothing could have been more valuable to our innovation than being tried by Anouck Jaubert (co recordwomen in Speed) and her teammates ! The « runs » followed one another during 1h under the eyes of some 300 visitors.

LUXOV® awarded by Inosport

Whereas LUXOV® was awarded one of the 7 Trophees submitted by Inosport for the LUXOV® Bright, we retrieved in 2018. The Inosport 2018 «   Price was then awarding our new connected climbing holds. He was handled to Denis Garnier by Marin Dorin-Habert, godmother of the event, but multi olympic medallist above all. It seems the destiny of the LUXOV® Speed Touch is already linked to the Olympic Games…

« Three is the magic number » goes the saying

The LUXOV® Touch Speed was just launched, but LUXOV® is definitely not done with innovating ! That’s why it was probably not our last participation at Inosport. As an exhibitor certainly not, as a prizewinner why not ! Stay tuned, the next Inosport will occure on June 6th 2019.

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