• Connecting Climbers

    Connecting Climbers

    At the heart of dynamic and innovative sports, LUXOV® makes it possible to discover or rediscover rock climbing through a range of curated experiences for all level climbers.

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What kind of climbing EXPERIENCE are you looking for:

Whether you are looking for a fun playful experience or precise high-performance solutions for professionals, we have what you’re looking for.

Having Fun

This playful system allows people of all ages to discover climbing while having fun.

Having Fun

Mixing games and physical activity for an interactive climbing experience.


Discover or rediscover climbing while exercising with this connected experience.


Improve performance with a high precision touch-sensitive tracking system.


Enhance climbing competitions with new tools for sports presentation, organization, and event management.


LUXOV® Holds Technology

LUXOV® brings to the market the most innovative advancements in climbing. LUXOV® creates the first connected and interactive climbing experience that satisfies all users. These holds light-up, react to touch, and help climbers improve their skills and performance!


icon bright

Luminous holds that light up on demand to create connected routes


icon bright

Touch-sensitive holds that can record and display data on a control console


icon twice

Combining Bright and Touch technologies opens the door to endless opportunities


LUXOV® Software Technology

Holds matter, but not exclusively. At LUXOV® we develop user-friendly programs to monitor usage and interactivity.

For every experience and product, we develop accurate programs to fulfill expectations, reliability, and maintenance. Our innovative software takes every climbing project to the next level!

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