Stan Kokorin tries the Touch Speed system!

After France and China, it is now in Russia that our Training system is settling down.

At LUXOV®, we used this opportunity to ask the 3-times Climbing World Champion and undisputed speed climbing master, Stan Kokorin, to test our technology… let’s have a look at the feedbacks!

Kokorin trying the Touch Speed system


But, first of all, let’s start from the beginning : what is the LUXOV® Training system?

Mixing interactive speed climbing holds with a connected screen, the Training system is designed to make training more motivational and educational. With the Touch technology, connected holds retrieve key grip data as to foster the climbers’ performances. As for the graphical interface, it allows the translation of data into performance statistics and  the creation of personalized user profiles. Hence, climbers can connect with each other, compare their runs and associate with training groups. Thomas, software architect at LUXOV® and skilled climber explains : “there are 2 kinds of information : the departure and grip times. We can measure acceleration and deceleration phases, follow what the athlete is doing on the wall. Given the fact that we can equipped the entire wall, coaches can choose to focus on a part as to improve the athlete’s performances.”

In a nutshell, the Training is the full system to improve their training habits and follow their progress ! Kokorin confirms : “the main positive point of this system is to gain independence during training. Being able to understand easily what technical elements are to be improved is a real plus”.

Complied with the IFSC certified red speed holds, these black holds have already been experimented during the Buenos Aires YOG (Young Olympic Games) in 2018. 3 smart black holds have been implemented at the beginning, middle and end of the speed route in order to collect key data on the athletes’ speed. A system which has convinced as it will be implemented during the next Tokyo Olympic Games this summer!

Before implementing our connected black holds at the next Tokyo Olympics, Kokorin & his team test the system and give their feedback!

Watch full video here :

Our little Russian excursion is made possible thanks to Skalodrom Russia, climbing wall manufacturer and major player in climbing sport. Thanks to them, we can rely on our new Gaming Board being present at the following events :

  • Young World Championships, Voronezh 21st-31st August
  • World Climbing Championships, Moscow, 15th-22nd September
  • Eurocup, Tyumen, 5th-7th November

If you’re passing by, do not hesitate to come and take a look at it. You’re more than welcome 😊


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