LUXOV®’s Virtual Reality Software Gets Innovative for Sport Climbing’s Olympic Debut!

Sport Climbing makes its Olympic debut this summer in Tokyo from 3-6 August 2021 with the help of LUXOV®’s 3D Climbing Event Manager software. This innovative software facilitates the creation and distribution of virtualized competition layouts from a single computer.

The 3D Climbing Event Manager offers routesetters and organizers the possibility to create and model the external environment, the infrastructures, and the routesetting diagram ahead of the competitions. In preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games, 1,500 holds and volumes, developed for this event, were scanned by the LUXOV® team in collaboration with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).

Due to the library of integrated tools, holds, volumes and other equipment can be manipulated infinitely, according to the user’s needs. This allows routesetters to design routes several weeks in advance and refine technical choices throughout the creation process. This all-in-one tool also aims to facilitate the management of climbing events, reduce organizational risks, and promote communication between stakeholders.

Our objective is to adapt to the technical reality of every stakeholder involved in this event. For example, routesetters often decide which route to use the day before the competition. Thanks to LUXOV®, they can now design the routes several months in advance with a minimum of three possible options per event.’

Our virtual reality software makes it easier for stakeholders to anticipate the physical environment and create real competition conditions directly from a computer. In a way, with this software, we are doing the reverse of what had been previously practiced – first we work on the route with the software, then on the wall.” Said LUXOV® President, Denis Garnier.

In addition to these technical features, the 3D Climbing Event Manager assists with media and educational needs. After modeling the route, it is possible to virtually position up to 10 cameras to create and record video sequences. These easily exportable and distributable videos can then be shared with media partners before, during, and after the event.

Denis Garnier adds, “With sport climbing making its first appearance at the Olympics this year, it is essential to help the public understand the sport. Explaining how each of these disciplines works is a real challenge, you must be able to explain the rules clearly, but also to make them understand where the difficulties arise and how professional climbers prepare. The 3D Climbing Event Manager offers the opportunity for the media to present a realistic view of the route to the audience and prepare simple explanations ahead of the competition.

The LUXOV® 3D Climbing Event Manager was previously featured at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018

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