LUXOV®’s Speed Tracking Software Revolutionizes the World of Speed Climbing

Sport Climbing is debuting at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, from August 3-6, 2021, and the LUXOV® team will be present with their latest innovation, the Speed Tracking software. 

Specially designed for competitions, the LUXOV® Speed Tracking software is programmed to focus on each climber’s center of gravity and follow them up the speed climbing route. Using a simple camera and computer placed a few meters from the speed climbing wall, the Speed Tracking software records and analyzes each race. With this technology, climbers can determine areas of excess energy and acceleration or deceleration to compare their performances. 

With its integrated AI, the algorithm can identify, recognize, and measure the exact position of the athletes. The ultra-fast video capture technology also produces visually understandable graphics and results almost instantaneously that can be shared with the media partners. The content received will then be used to provide in-depth and comprehensive explanations of speed climbing to international audiences. 

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be the first use of the LUXOV® Speed Tracking software in an official competition. “If we combine our Speed Tracking software with our Touch Speed holds, the possibilities are endless. We are on the hunt for sure! The Olympics will be our first test in real conditions, there is no room for mistakes. But above all, we are very impatient and excited, we can’t wait to live this experience.” Says Denis Garnier, LUXOV® President. 

This year, the software will be used only for speed climbing competitions, but the LUXOV® team believes that it will be very easy to adapt it to include other disciplines. Garnier adds, “The vision of our start-up is to encourage and promote accessibility of the sport and develop more precise and objective training systems. We want to create systems that adapt to individual training programs and preferences. It is with this ambition that we continue to innovate, and who knows, perhaps we will have new solutions in three years for the Olympic Games in Paris.” 

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