LUXOV® heads to Moscow for the IFSC World Championships

After success at the Tokyo Olympics, the LUXOV® team is getting ready to showcase our innovative technology at the IFSC World Championships 2021 in Moscow.

The biannual competition will take place September 16-21 and feature all three Sport Climbing disciplines: speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing.
Denis Garnier, president of LUXOV® said: “After our technology recorded the first Olympic Records and the incredible new women’s speed climbing world record set by Aleksandra Miroslaw (POL) at 6.84 seconds, we cannot wait to follow the World Championships. The competition is promising!” This time, LUXOV® will present all three of its Olympic technologies, as well as a new addition!

  • The LUXOV® Speed Tracking software uses a simple camera to focus on the speed climber’s center of gravity and follow them up the route. Then, the ultra-fast video capture technology produces visually understandable graphics and results almost instantaneously to provide in-depth and comprehensive explanations of the climber’s trajectory to the audience.
  • The 3D Climbing Event Manager will be used by the event organizers to illustrate the function and technicality of the speed event in a simple way and enhance audience presentations.
  • The LUXOV® Touch Speed holds are touch-sensitive and compliant with the IFSC’s speed climbing hold standards. The addition of these innovative holds to each speed wall makes it possible to measure how fast climbers move up the wall and easily follow their progress by collecting their touch and grip data. Originally black, the touch-sensitive holds will be red this time, so it won’t be possible to differentiate the classic holds from the touch-sensitive ones. Ten total red speed holds will be used on the Moscow speed climbing wall - five on each side.
  • The LUXOV Speed LED Bars are placed along the speed routes and connected to the touch sensitive speed holds. They are designed to light up green or red according to the climbers’ position on the wall. When the LED bars light up green, it means that the climber is leading the race. When they light up red, it means that the climber is falling behind. The LUXOV® LED bar system aims to highlight the different steps of the race as well as indicate the climbers’ positions on the wall to the audience. Ten total LED bars – five on each side - will be implemented on the wall, each two meters apart.

The LUXOV® technology will take center stage again during the speed climbing finals on 16 September. Learn more about the upcoming IFSC World Championships Moscow 2021 here.

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