Tokyo 2020 Olympic Climbing Test Event

With the end of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Climbing Test Event, we are excited to announce that it was a huge success!


With the end of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Climbing Test Event, we are excited to announce that it was a huge success! During this busy week of events we worked tirelessly to iron out all possible wrinkles for this much-anticipated Olympic competition. Teamed up with the IFSC Central HQ, we spent the better part of five days in collaboration with many different actors as each part of the competition was tested, reviewed and given a mark of approval, assuring that this year’s summer Olympic Games will be unforgettable.

Participating as a key player at this historical occasion provided us with the opportunity to showcase our 3D wall application. This innovative computer software was used to assist the IFSC team and their routsetters create, follow and analyze routes on the lead and bouldering walls. In addition, our LUXOV Touch SPEED holds could be found at three strategic points on the speed wall collecting valuable data and insight regarding each climber during the competition. This information was transmitted directly to the presenters in order for them to better understand the evolution of the route, where the climbers excelled and where the race was won or lost. 

The LUXOV team is proud to participate in this year’s Olympic Games, the largest event ever held in climbing history, by providing its highly innovative products and helping to further develop sport climbing. 

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