SPORTEC: Japan's foremost sport trade show

As Japan is one of the technology capitals of the world it only makes sense that LUXOV® would feel right at home in a show like SPORTEC.

Tosho Associate Corporation with LUXOV® Bright

With great anticipation for the continued growth of the sports market SPORTEC show is the place to see all the latest trends in sports, tourism and health in the Japanese sports market. With events underway, Japan is looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. SPORTEC certainly resembles this ideology by encompassing more sports and trends and showcasing new market niches proving to be more accessible to a greater number of people and interests. One of these interests is the exciting and competitive world of rock climbing. While rock climbing has already been on the market for some time, the Tokyo 2020 Games is proud to introduce rock climbing for the first time as an Olympic sport.

As Japan is one of the technology capitals of the world it only makes sense that LUXOV® would feel right at home in a show like SPORTEC. By partnering with Tosho Associate Corporation, Japan’s most formidable climbing wall manufacturer, LUXOV® was able to showcase their Bright model of climbing holds. These connected luminous holds provide a unique experience for the user by lighting up different points that correspond to a particular route. By using the computer interface the user can chose from a variety of different routes and difficulties without having to change walls.

When asked about the added value of LUXOV® Bright, Tosho Associate responded by saying “The brilliant and fascinating appearance of LUXOV® holds can be produced in the commercial facilities and can easily appeal to the operators of amusement parks and shopping malls as the eye catcher of their facilities. It also works well with other stylish spaces”. This is kind of innovation that will push the rock-climbing market forward to reach new heights and reach a greater market.
The SPORTEC show saw LUXOV® as a great success with some strong positive feedback and by partnering up with Tosho Associate, they were able to increase their influence in the Japanese climbing market and anticipate a bright future.

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