LUXOV’s tokyoites journey

In March, LUXOV® exported to the Land of the Rising Sun its innovations that apply to anybody ; from beginners to World Champions!


2019 IFSC Plenary Assembly 

As a long time IFSC partner, LUXOV® took part in the 14th Plenary Assembly of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. And the least we could say is that our brand was honored during that one.

On March 16th and 17thDenis Garnier (CEO) and Juliette Tilmont (Business Developer) traveled to Tokyo. Let’s first notice that symbolical choice of organizing a Plenary Assembly in the same city that will host the first Olympic Gamesincluding sport climbing.

Many important topics were discussed at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo; among them Olympic Games, World Championships, Olympic Qualifying Event… All being exciting subjects for LUXOV® and its future as a partner of the IFSC. It was the perfect opportunity to present its different products to the 91 national federations ; especially the ones made for competition and high-level athletes : “LUXOV® Perf”.

The high point of that PA, on LUXOV®’s side, was the oral presentation made by Denis Garnier in front of the hundred of participants. He talked about the story of our young company and detailed our 4 main innovations (BrightTouch, Twice, 3D visualization) to a concerned audience full of interested persons able to realize how could those innovations revolutionize our sport.

As the Touch Speed was already set in the French National Climbing Center in Voiron and as another national team chose it to improve the performances of its athletes (discover more about this topic in our next article…), no doubt that other federations, willing to offer the best training conditions to their athletes regarding the upcoming historical deadlines, would follow soon! Stay tuned!

We’ll soon be able to see if LUXOV® training is efficient as the 2019 IFSC season starts the 6-7th April in Meiringen!

  • LUXOV® Fun lands in Japan!

If the LUXOV® Perf line is meant to help professional athletes training regularly for international competitions, LUXOV® doesn’t put aside beginners.

Indeed, LUXOV® Fun line is enabling each and every one to discover or rediscover sport climbing while having fun through the Bright patent technology. Fun, pleasure, security and autonomy are the main words of that line.

The first installation outside the metropolis of the Fun solution took place in Tokyo thanks to our Japanese marketer. It has been several weeks then since 3 boulders of the Green Arrow ‘bouldering park’ in Funabashi have been set with 20 LUXOV® Fun holds. The Fun revitalizes the wall enabling colors to change every minute.

The benefits for the manager of a climbing gym of such a product are numerous. Anyone can easily set it up thanks the instruction manual. Using this system is as simple since it is sold “ready-to-use” and can be set without external support. The manager of that Japanese gym was then able to set it autonomously as soon as he received the holds.

You are managing a climbing gym or a leisure indoor gym and would like to offer a playful and attractive activity for your clients? The LUXOV® Fun is the line that you definitely need!

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