Luxov connect

interactivity and fun with an affordable budget!

Create endless interactive courses thanks to our tactile and luminous holds and discover your first climbing sensations in a playful and fun way!


Set up your space with one of our 4 available scenarios!


Explore a wall of light holds, simply!


The red holds are on fire!
Your mission: put them out!


A magic wall! The plugs change colour infinitely
when you touch them!


Climb to escape the route!
The holds change colour after you pass.

A product fully adaptable to your space

Our Luxov Fun installation is fully modular and very easy to install.

Whether your space is just a few square metres or a wall dozens of metres high, our team will advise you on the number of holds you will need. 

Ask for our detailed sales presentation!

Want to learn more about our LUXOV FUN?
Ask for our detailed sales presentation!